This is a sympathy card I made for my son Corbin.   Corbin has just finished 8 years in The Air Force and he had been home for two weeks when we received a text stating that his best friend from high school had tragically died at age 27.   This boy had been at my house many times and was the youngest in a big family.  Corbin was going to attend the wake and came down with his dress clothes and asked me if I could teach him how to iron them.  My heart broke at the request because I wanted to teach Corbin to iron so he could either be a better man to a spouse someday or be totally self-sufficient.  Instead, it was for the funeral of his childhood friend who had texted him in the Air Force as recent as a couple of weeks before he was killed.   I just had no words.  

After the funeral, Corbin received a card thanking him for his generous contribution and in the note, the mother of my son’s friend told Corbin that he should tell his mother that the card was beautiful and to Thank me for Stampin’ it.   I have to say as much as this mother was torn up in grief at the loss of her baby.  She wanted to Thank “me” for a stamped card.  It is moments like these when you realize how people can humble you.  And also why what we do is so important! 

Remember social media can never take the place of something that you stamp and comes from the heart.  

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