My Honeybee

This card celebrates the life of my friend Dorothy who passed away just days before her 92nd birthday.  During our 20 years of friendship, she never forgot to send a Christmas or birthday card.  I have featured her beautiful cards several times on this blog.  She was always busy – right up until her last day.  She was a Busy Bee and a Honey of a person as well!  Notice the Brushed Brass Butterflies!  Be sure to add them to your collection of embellishments.  See more like this at

Eden’s Garden

In a few days, the Eden’s Garden Collection will be available (2 November 2021 – 3 January 2022)!  The tale of the Garden of Eden transcends the boundaries of a single belief system.  Numerous accounts and adaptations of the events in Eden have appeared in Christianity, Judaism, Islam, legends and lore, ancient mythology and more!  No matter how the story is shared, the essence of Eden remains the same:  it is a paradise.  Filled with fruitful and flourishing foliage, stillness, serenity and an air of mystery, Eden is an ethereal utopia!  Remember limited edition sets sell out quickly.  See more like this at


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