For a Dear Friend

Funny how our minds work.  Something simple – a song, a fragrance, a view, a face – can trigger a memory, a sentiment or the image of an old friend who we have not seen for a long time.  That is what inspired this card.  Technology allows us to quickly reach out, but it is not the same as receiving a hand-written card.  I miss hand-written cards!  It means so much more than a message on Facebook or a text.  The background of this card features Polished Pink Ink Refill and Water Painters.  The pot shines and glitters with Shimmery Crystal Effects.  Who in your circle of friends and family would love to receive a card like this?  See more like this at



Sophie made it!

Those of you who have seen my videos know that my daughter moved to the UK.  Because of COVID, we cared for her 11-year old Border Collie, Sophie, for a time.  We brought her to the airport in Chicago and wished her ‘Bon Voyage’.  Recently, Sophie sent me a picture to let us know she is fine and that there are SHEEP in the UK, and on the streets no less!

The card featured here might be something my daughter would make and send to me and her dad for taking care of, feeding and vetting her dog for 8 months.  That is, IF she liked to stamp and IF she sent cards!  (Just sayin’… She will never see this LOL).  I love the new Beauty of the Earth Designer Series Paper that is an integral part of the Beauty of the Earth Suite Collection.  The rich, glorious colors would complement many different stamp sets.  Here it is paired with the Plentiful Plants Bundle.  See more like this at

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