A wedding invite for my son

Kids surprise you!  We have a wedding coming up and were kicking around ideas for the invite.  The theme is Disney and the color is Tiffany Blue.  I designed a really cool card using the Bouquet of Love Hybrid Embossing Folder (and Dies), the Mother of Pearl 12 x 12″ Specialty Paper, the whole nine yards.  My son says, “I don’t like it”.   I ask, “What is your vision?”  He replies, bright colors, solid flowers, the Mother of Pearl paper is okay.  So, I pull together bright colors, cut flowers and a heart in the middle of the card.  He says, “Nope, a bigger heart and I am not loving the flowers”.  Next design includes a bigger heart, flowers cut from Rainbow Glimmer Paper and layered.  Finally, I get a thumbs up!  He’s 30 and I have been doing this for 30 years.  I forget that my kids might NOT want something I design.  LOL!  This card sure is a lot easier than the original one and it says, “Disney”!  See more like this at stampwithgloria.com.


For those special friends

Sometimes you just want to get fancy!  So, you design a card and say to yourself, “I will make twenty of these cards.  How hard can it be?”  With this card – trust me – it takes time!  For twenty cards, you need to cut out 440 pieces!  If you receive one of these cards from me, you know I think you are pretty special. This card features the Pierced Blooms Dies.  These dies make it easy to create and share with those who are special to you.  See more like this at stampwithgloria.com.

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